The Orixe Technology

We’ve developed a cloud solution combining blockchain technology with the scalability and ease of use of a classic database. This combination allows it to work seamlessly with internal business processes. We call this the Orixe blockchain, and it is the backbone of the Orixe platform, as it verifies and secures the data used by our modules, such as Trace and Audit.


A blockchain uses cryptographic functions to calculate a hash for each block of data. These blocks are linked to each other, and the last block is always part of the newest block’s fingerprint. The result is 100% data integrity and a solution that you and your business partners can rely on.


The Orixe blockchain is a fully secure system that thoroughly protects user information and allows no room for undetected tampering or misuse of data.


Our technology minimises the double storage of data compared to other solutions. The Orixe blockchain uses less than 1/8000 of the energy consumption that Ethereum uses, and 1/3.500.000 of the energy that Bitcoin uses in a blockchain transaction.

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