Do you fear pollution and slavery in your supply chain?

More than 90% of a company footprint can originate from the supply chain that can hide:


  • pollution
  • slavery
  • corruption


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Businesses should support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges, exercise environmental responsibility and strive to develop and use environmental safe products and production.

Businesses should exercise zero tolerance for corruption and activity work against corruption in all its forms.

Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights and make sure that their counterparts are not complicit in human rights abuses.

Businesses should recognize the right to collective bargaining and disapprove of any form of compulsory labour and child labour.

Orixe is a proud member of the Leaders For Climate Action Campaign and as a part of this community we are giving away the sustainability self-assessment module for free. We are also actively supporting the Earth Day.  Join our Earth Day  Webinar – Ethical responsibility within Supply Chain Management.

We belive that the more people and companies that are aware of the climate crisis and the unsustainable path we currently are on, more people will act responsibly.

The prerequisite for taking action is knowledge, an easy way to get more information about your companies status due to sustainability  is to do the sustainability assessment, and invite your suppliers to do the same.

Thank You for supporting the Earth Day and taking actions for creating a more sustainable

Responsibility within the supply chain is the key factor for us as a collective to create the future we all want to be living in. More than 90% of the environmental footprint of a company can originate from the supply chain. Join the movement for a paradigm shift where ethical responsibility becomes an outspoken competitive advantage. 

Register for the Earth Day Webinar ” Ethical responsibility within Supply Chain Management” and get a free self-assessment tool for pinpointing the maturity level on sustainability for your company or organization, share it with your suppliers and get a sustainability score for your supply chain.