Track components and products and hinder counterfeit parts, corruption, and dishonesty from entering your supply chain.

Orixe Trace

Orixe Trace helps you create a transparent supply chain, by allowing you to continually track components and products. Providing an overview of component details, original documentation, and transaction information, Trace ensures that you always use products and components that fulfill the highest requirements and standards.


Through effective and transparent tracking of a components journey, counterfeit parts are much less likely to enter your supply chain.


Always know where your components or products are coming from, and that they have trustworthy certifications.


If errors, faulty components, or other liabilities enter the supply chain, Orixe Trace gives you powerful proof that your supplier has not delivered upon agreed requirements.

Orixe Trace is a browser based SaaS that ensures transparency within your supply chain. The module allows you to verify any details you require in regards to products or components bought from a supplier. Sending a transaction in Orixe Trace you can name specific criteria for your supplier to uphold, upon receiving the goods you can then compare these to the transaction details. The suppliers approval of transaction, and the transaction details are saved in Orixe’s blockchain technology, to ensure 100% data integrity and security. If changes are made to the transaction details this must be approved by the receiver, and the changes are tracked in the blockchain. This ensures that you can always document what you supplier claims to be sending you, and can easily prove any deviation from your requirements.


Orixe Trace also allows you to view some specific information for a component, throughout the whole supply chain, for example the original certificates or Country of Origin. This helps you ensure that you do not receive faulty or counterfeit goods, and ensures that you can hold correct suppliers accountable if mistakes are made. For your suppliers, the use of Orixe Trace is free of charge.

The Orixe Trace process

The receiver sends a request for a transaction in Orixe Trace to a supplier.

The sender approves the transaction and a confirmation is sent to the receiver about the requirements of the order and its documentation.

The information is locked into Orixe Chain, our blockchain that ensures 100% data integrity. If edits need to be made, approval from both sender and receiver is needed.

Once you receive your order you can easily compare the goods with the confirmed requirements that are registered in Orixe Trace.

Find supply chain efficiencies

Meet regulatory requirements

Transparency with the public

Lower losses from counterfeit goods

Reduce risk

Orixe Trace Tutorial

A step-by-step guide to the Orixe Trace module


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The Technology Behind Trace

The Orixe Blockchain

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Easy onboarding with Orixe


Consultation and mapping of needs

How can Orixe most effectively assist your company in securing your supply chain? Building a relationship is important to us and helps us ensure that the modules will match your needs and established routines. 


Client set up and training of key users

Our team will ensure that your employees have the expertise and know-how they need to effectively make use of the Orixe service, or services, you need.


Testing and ERP-integration

Our team will assist in seamlessly integrating our software with your current business systems and processes. 


The benefits of adopting our services are many. Not only will your company benefit financially, on quality and efficiency, but also in taking social responsibility and proving that to the public.


Cutting-edge blockchain technology


Our technology ensures 100% data integrity and security


Reduce costs associated with auditing suppliers and proving authenticity of products


Document, prove and ensure responsibility in transactions


Reduce the risk of getting counterfeit parts into your production line or product portfolio


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