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Orixe empowers businesses to be in full control of their supply chain. We deliver traceability and transparency of all transactions in the supply chain (Trace Module). We also help business to  audit their suppliers more efficiently (Audit Module).

All data entered in Orixe is encrypted. Because of this you will be the only one who has the opportunity to read your data. Some data will be sent to the users you make transactions with, and a miniscule amount of data (Country of origin, Serial Numbers etc.) is visible to others who receive the good. No sensitive information can be shared through Orixe. 

Every part of your supply chain does not need to use Orixe for it to be of value to you. Orixe securely stores data from the parts that do use it, and it provides more transparency and security with multiple users in the same supply chain. At the same time, even if all your clients use Orixe, just securing the transactions you have with a single buyer or supplier can be extremely valuable to ensure ethical and safe trade.

Yes, the Orixe platform can easily be implemented with your ERP system. We use Standard API and have experience from integrating with ERP systems.

Our blockchain is our tool for validating the data in Orixe. It ensures that transaction data is secure and incorruptible. No actual transaction data is stored in this blockchain, but only encrypted versions of it, which is not readable.

A hash function is any function that can be used to map date of arbitrary size onto data of a fixed size. A hash function allows one to easily verify whether some input data map onto a given hash value, but if the input data is unknown it is deliberately difficult to reconstruct it.

The Orixe platform is easy to use, and we have a smooth onboarding process that requires little time and effort from your team. No additional personnel is required to use the software.

Analyses from a medium-sized business estimate increased efficiency and savings worth more than 17.000 USD annually within the warehouse functions only when using the Orixe Platform. In addition to these savings comes the annual value in reduced risk from the “non-counterfeiting insurance effect” and increased efficiency within Quality Assurance and Procurement.

Therre are no need for any new hardware investments, Orixe is a cloud-based solution, software as a service (SAAS) with possibilities for customization and integration with your ERP-system.

We deliver a cloud-based solution, software as a service (SAAS) with possibilities for customization and integration with your ERP-system.


Das customer success team ist hier, um Sie und Ihre Lieferanten zu unterstützen. Unser Ziel ist es, dafür zu sorgen, dass Sie sich gut einarbeiten und die Orixe-Plattform gut nutzen können.