Make sure suppliers comply with your quality standards and spend less time on audits.

Orixe Audit

Orixe Audit is a solution for automatically auditing suppliers, reducing time and resources spent on this, and enhancing results.

Audit also provides an effective overview of all your suppliers, their compliance status, so that you can avoid using non-approved suppliers.


The Orixe Audit module automates and simplifies the process of auditing and approving suppliers.


Gain full overview of your suppliers, whether they are approved for purchase and where they currently are in the auditing process.


The complete overview makes it easier to choose suppliers that follow the quality standards you require.

The Orixe Audit module is a SaaS that is easy-to-use, and a powerful tool to more efficiently audit and manage suppliers. The module is designed to support the work done by Quality Assurance and Quality Management staff, amongst others who works with procurement and suppliers. 

Orixe Audit ensures that less time needs to spend organising and gaining an overview of suppliers, and preparing auditing documents.

The module is browser based, and is easily integrated with current ERP-systems and routines. Its main features are automatic auditing and an effective and intuitive overview of suppliers. Within the module you can create custom automatic auditing forms that will be sent to chosen suppliers at specific intervals. When the supplier returns the filled in form you can approve, reject or conditionally approve the supplier within Orixe Audit.

 A suppliers status can be set to expire after a set interval, or on a specific date – which in turn can trigger the automatic sending of a new auditing form. Searching for specific suppliers, and viewing their current status, is easy, and all employees with access to your company’s Orixe user will be able to decide the status of a supplier at a glance.

Orixe Audit Tutorial

A step-by-step guide to the Orixe Audit module

Orixe Audit at a glance

Create smart audit forms for recurring automated use. These can be customised to include any required fields you wish for your supplier to fill in.

It is free of charge for your suppliers to fill out the audit forms sent through Orixe Audit.

Easily gain an overview and approve or reject suppliers based on their finished audit forms.

Forms can be set to be automatically sent to suppliers at regular intervals, and expiry dates can be set on the status of individual suppliers.

The current status of a supplier is easily available and searchable for you and everyone in your organisation with an Orixe user.


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The Technology Behind Audit

The Orixe Blockchain

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Easy onboarding with Orixe


Consultation and mapping of needs

How can Orixe most effectively assist your company in securing your supply chain? Building a relationship is important to us and helps us ensure that the modules will match your needs and established routines. 


Client set up and training of key users

Our team will ensure that your employees have the expertise and know-how they need to effectively make use of the Orixe service, or services, you need.


Testing and ERP-integration

Our team will assist in seamlessly integrating our software with your current business systems and processes. 


The benefits of adopting our services are many. Not only will your company benefit financially, on quality and efficiency, but also in taking social responsibility and proving that to the public.


Cutting-edge blockchain technology


Our technology ensures 100% data integrity and security


Reduce costs associated with auditing suppliers and proving authenticity of products


Document, prove and ensure responsibility in transactions


Reduce the risk of getting counterfeit parts into your production line or product portfolio


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