About Us

Orixe is a company devoted to creating trust between suppliers and buyers. We seek to help create better and safer supply chains for companies and organisations operating in international value chains. By providing traceability, and ensuring the authenticity of products and integrity of certificates, we have created a system that is easy, efficient, and economically attractive, which will help shape a new industry standard within quality assurance and supply chain management.


Our mission is to ensure that companies effectively can combat counterfeit goods in their supply chain, eliminate precarity in procurement and auditing situations, and enhance trust between business partners.


In doing this, the Orixe Platform documents and proves that you deliver products according to the highest quality standards, in compliance with laws and regulations, and in a manner that supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Vision and purpose

Many of the problems we are facing globally today originate from poor supply chain management, as dark supply chains hide modern slavery, pollution, corruption, unsafe production and products not meeting safety standards.

Orixe was created to give businesses the strength to act responsibly, and give purchasers the opportunity to demand traceability within the supply chain.

Our purpose is to help create a better, safer world by improving the standards within supply chain management, and a user friendly tool for proving authenticity.

Orixe’s software ensures ethical responsible transactions throughout the supply chain, and that end-products are assembled from components manufactured by companies that fulfil internationally recognised ethical standards.

The backstory

I founded Orixe to make an impact!

Orixe AS was born in 2018 . The idea came as a response to an incident at the start of 2018 where a Norwegian company found out that a supplier of electronic parts they had been employing for several years had delivered parts with a fake certificate of origins. The costs of righting the problem for both the company and the clients they were reselling to became so large the CEO decided something had to be done. After some consulting about possibilities for a system for control and regulation of products in the supply chain I decided to found Orixe to assess the challenges that modern supply chains face.


By taking ethical and environmental responsibility in supply chain management – You can make a change!

– CEO and Founder, Gunilla F Grimsgaard

The Team

The Orixe team consists of a perfect blend of young and provident, and experienced and professional.

With teamwork, high energy and having an open and inclusive working environment we assure high efficiency and results.

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